Kingsport Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Purpose: Why we exist
To help small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the rough waters of small business ownership and management.

Mission: What we do
We are a technical assistance provider offering assistance including but not limited to: forming a business, how to write business plans, business plan reviews, obtaining capital for start-up or expansion, pursuing government contracts, analyzing financial and management performance, proving business case, developing existing and new business, and planning for succession.

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Purpose: Why we exist
AccelNow provides resources to entrepreneurs to help them start up successful businesses and create jobs and wealth in the Northeast Tennessee region. We are called a “business accelerator” because we help you speed up the process of refining your idea and developing it into a viable, investable business model.

Mission: What we do
We assess your business model and provide professional, unbiased, confidential and honest feedback. We provide and connect business with a comprehensive listing of entrepreneurial training resources available to you from our regional academic and training partners, and provide intensive training, coaching and learning exercises.

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Holston Business Development Center

Purpose: Why we exist
The Holston Business Development Center, a public and private partnership, will support and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit to create diverse businesses and jobs which benefit the citizens of the Greater Kingsport and Hawkins County area.

Mission: What we do
We are a physical location for businesses to locate and incubate. HBDC is a 13,000 sq. ft. facility with twenty-two 400 sq. ft. business suites suitable for office space and light manufacturing. We provide: Progressive rent starting at $225 per month, Consulting, High Speed Internet service, Reception services, Use of class and board room facilities and more.

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Innovation Forge

Purpose: Why we exist
We are the Design Experts. Let us guide you on your next design and engineering project.

Services: What we do
We provide an array of design services and training. Focusing on prototyping and 3D printing, we work with companies to design and build products.

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NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership

Purpose: Why we exist
We provide services for businesses expanding or re-locating in Sullivan County, TN with opportunity for manufacturing facilities, workforce and more.

Who we are: NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership is the economic development organization for Sullivan County, Tennessee, and its communities of Bluff City, Bristol, and Kingsport.



Purpose: Why we exist
Sync.Space provides co-working space for entrepreneurs, artists and collaborators as well as corporate workspaces in Kingsport.

Who we are:
By providing conference rooms, co-workings spaces and media-studio facilities, we provide entrepreneurs and creators a space to collaborate and invent.

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